Teaser Starman for show 3 of The Tribute

Edit: Meanwhile, show 3 has aired. Therefore, we have since included the initial teaser in this post. The full performance can be found here.

Unfortunately; We decided not to share the preview videos of the shows because we like it better when our performance can be seen directly in its entirety at The Tribute. That said, we do want to give you a little preview. So here goes (spoiler alert;):

In the third show of The Tribute – Battle of the Bands, we play one of David Bowie’s most beautiful songs, Life On Mars!

Did you know that Bowie wrote this song more or less out of spite? Here’s the thing:  In 1968, David Bowie wrote English lyrics to the French-language song “Comme d’Habitude” by Claude François. This version was never officially released but fortunately is on youtube:

You recognize the melody right away, of course! Paul Anka also wrote English lyrics to the song, which eventually became a monster hit, sung by none other than Frank Sinatra…. Somewhat outraged by this, Bowie then wrote Life On Mars, which is characterized by the more or less similar chord progression and melody. In the credits of the album Hunky Dory, Bowie wrote that this song was “inspired by Frankie,” a delicious sneer at Sinatra.