ziggo starman

Ziggo Dome here we come


Three nights of ZIGGY Dome, it’s just going to happen!!!

We are so incredibly happy and proud, until recently we could only dream of this…. From day one we went in without pretense, open, inside out, with heart and soul and giving our all… thank you to all who sympathized with us last time!

Together with BOUKE, Earth Wind & Fires and U2two, we are going to make it a roaring party!


A thousand thanks and compliments to the dream team behind the scenes of The Tribute, what a wonderful program you have put together! Made with love for the music, it oozes from all sides! Great that you guys are giving the tribute scene such an immense stage, for us it has been an incredible boost…we are eternally grateful!

We’re going to be playing a lot in the near future and we hope to see you all in person soon! The first theater shows have already been announced and are in the calendar on our website. There will be new announcements coming in the near future, so keep an eye on the website and socials or sign up for the newsletter!