Starman David Bowie Tribute at The Tribute – Episode 2

Last Saturday, Jan. 14, another delightful episode of The Tribute on sbs6. The band starman was back at tribal pub Weemoed to socialize together to watch the broadcast.

The video above is just a brief teaser. Watch Starman’s performance on the second episode of The Tribute – Battle of the Bands here. Also curious about the other bands? Rightly so, as Starman knows himself to be joined by many other top acts. Watch the entire episode of The Tribute episode 2 here!

Once again, the band may advance to the next round, kudos! In addition, as a result of the broadcast, nice comments came through again, this time even a response from some of David Bowie’s musicians! Leading artist Arjan van Gent is in contact with some of them and got a response after forwarding the video:

Ava Cherry: “I really enjoyed him… I think he has the chance to be something great … he has some tones very much like David … his energy … he really loves singing Bowie songs and being what that is … so my straight forward answer to you is yes, I really like him and I think he has the chance of coming up and what I heard is really wonderful.”

Carmine Rojas:
” They’re actually pretty good I like it with the horns… a good drummer too!”

Mike Garson:
“He’s good, nice feel, Loves the music”